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2013 Compatible MP3 Players

These are the MP3 players listed by the OneClickdigital audiobooks company as being fully compatible.  Please pay special attention to specific model names.

Windows Computer users can transfer audiobooks to:

  • iPods -- all.
    • iPod Shuffle is the least expensive iPod.
    • iPod Touches are more like mini-tablets, and will work with the mobile app (instead of needing transfer from the computer).
  • Phillips GoGear Vibe Series
  • Sansa / Sandisk
    • Sansa Fuze+
    • Sansa Clip and Clip Zip
  • Creative Zen - be especially careful with this brand, they often name models nearly identically.  We have encountered the cheaper version of some of these models before and they are not compatible.   
    • Zen Vision M and Vision W
    • Zen V and V Plus
    • Zen Mosaic and Mosaic LX
    • Zen X-Fi
    • Zen Sleek and Sleek Photo

Mac Computer users can transfer audiobooks to:

  • iPods only.  Unfortunately the company's software for Mac can only interact with other Apple devices.

Gifting Consideration: Do I need accessories to go along with the MP3 player?

  • All players will come with a USB cord.  This is how you connect it to the computer for transferring files and for charging the device.  
  • Most will come with earbuds, but not all.  Sometimes the earbuds included are not very good quality, so keep that in mind.
  • Desired accessories may depend on how  the device will be used, or how elaborate the device is. 
    • For exercising/chores - unless the device has a built-on clip to attach it to your clothing (like Sansa Clips and iPod Shuffles), an active person may need a case with an armband or belt clip.  This keeps the device secure (they can fall out of your pocket) while exercising or doing chores.
    • For commuting - many car strereos have an auxillary audio port to plug MP3 players into.  Devices usually do not come with this cord.  Some devices can interact with the stereo by just turning the radio to a certain channel, check the specifications on devices if you want this feature. 
    • Devices with big touch screens (like the iPod Touch) - maybe a screen protector or a cleaning cloth (if the device did not come with them).
    • Device will be in a purse or backpack often - a cord keeper so the earbuds do not need constant untangling. 

|     Last modified: Nov 26, 2013