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Freading for Android Devices

The Freading app for Android allows you to checkout, download, and read ebooks directly on your Android device without the need to transfer the books from your computer. 

Compatibility: tablets and smartphones with Android version 2.2 and above; Kindle Fires (with Freading Reader app only).   


Screenshots in these instructions were taken on a Motorola Droid or a Nexus 7 tablet

Getting Started

  1. Choose which Reader app you want to use.  Please see the next section (Overview) for notes on what each app looks like. 
    • Freading Reader App--good standard reader app.  Largest text size similar to 12 point font.
    • BlueFire Reader App--wider range of options for font size, style, changing colors. 
  2. Download the reader app to your device!  Options, depending on your device:
    Most Devices
    Kindle Fire  
    Devices with the GetJar App Store
    • Open your GetJar app, and use that to search for and install the Freading or BlueFire app. 
  3. Open your downloaded reading app.
  4. Authorize your reader app with an Adobe ID.  This is what gives you the license to read the book during your checkout period!  If the app does not ask you for an Adobe ID as soon as you open it, here is where to find the spot to add this information:
    • Freading Reader App:
      • Tap the menu button of your device to bring up the Freading app menu.
      • From the menu, select "Account."
    • BlueFire Reader App:
      • Tap the "Info" button at the bottom of the screen.
      • Under "Enable Adobe eBooks" tap the "Authorize" button. 
  5. Input your Adobe ID.  
    • If you already have one, go ahead and use your email and Adobe password. 
    • Need an Adobe ID?  Get one here.  There is also a "forgot password" link on this page, if you have simply misplaced this information.

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Overview of Apps

Freading Reader App

This app is the simpler of the two--it has less build in options to customize a book, but is a good standard reader. 

Main Screen

The main screen of your Freading app will always show the books that you have downloaded and are reading.  Just tap a book to open it.  Here is a screenshot of books downloaded on our account.

reading list view on freading app

Accessing Freading App Options 

To access the menu, tap your menu key.  What might this be? On our Motorola Droid, this is the button that looks like four horizontal lines. On the Google Nexus 7, this is a small button with 3 dots in the right bottom corner of the app--you can see this in the screenshot below.  Inside the menu, you will find:

  • Sort by -- you can chose to reorder your downloaded books by Most Recent, Title, or Author.
  • Store -- not usable for our account.  This does not take you to the Freading website in a way that you can log in.  
  • Account -- where your Adobe ID is input, and where you can update this later if necessary.
  • Refresh -- use this if you just downloaded a new book, and it is not yet showing in the reading list. 
  • About -- simple notes about the Freading app, including current version number.

freading app main settings, android

Reading Options

A book must be open to access the reading options.

To open the reading options menu, tap the menu key for your device.  You will have:

  • Library--returns you to the main screen
  • Table of Contents for the book.
  • Font Size--5 different sizes to chose from.  The largest size available is similar to 12 point font. 
  • Rotation -- choose to set this to landscape, portrait, or automatic (this means the text will rotate as you rotate the device).

freading reading options menu

BlueFire Reader App

This app provides a wide range of choices for font sizes and customizing the font style and colors of the book.

Main Screen--Library View

The BlueFire Reader calls its main screen the Library view.  Any downloaded books will be in this section.  This image (extra space cropped out) shows a Freading book downloaded alongside the sample book that comes with the app (Treasure Island) and the user guide.  Buttons you will use:

  • Pencil button (upper right corner) allows you to delete books you are finished with.
  • Recent/Title/Author (top, center)--different ways to sort the books on the main screen.
  • Round buttons for each book--shows you book info, also another place to delete the book.
  • Library (bottom panel)--will always return you to the main screen.
  • Info (bottom panel)--where you will set or update your Adobe ID for reading books.  

bluefire reader app main screen

Reading Options

To access these options, you need to open a book by tapping on its name or cover art.  We opened the sample book "Treasure Island" for this.

When a book is opened, tap the center of the screen to access the menu.  This is BlueFire's--note that all buttons are clearly marked, and the menu also tells you what page we were on in the book. 

bluefire reading app book options menu

Change Settings--tap the Settings button to continue. 

General panel.  Note that it highlighted in darker blue at the top of the panel, showing you which options page we are on.  We have labeled some lines.

A little more about some of the options on this page:

  • Preview--this will change as you switch options for text, background, etc.

  • Text Size--the range of sizes is huge for BlueFire.  You will be able to find a comfortable setting! 

  • Margins--select how much white space shows around the text of your book.

  • Page Turn--options on how you want the screen to go from page to page. 

  • Orientation Lock--if you turn this on, the book will not switch from portrait to landscape mode as you turn the device.

  • Night Mode--changes the background to black, and the text to white.  More color options shown below in the Formatting section. 

general settings panel in bluefire reader

Formatting panel-reach this by tapping "Formatting" at the top of the Settings menu. 

Please realize this is all optional.  You can leave the ebook on defaults if you prefer.

  • Override Formatting--this must be checked to change anything else on this panel.  Turning it off returns the ebook to all default settings.

  • Font Face--find a style of font easier to read?  There were around 30 selections possible (from regular to fun fonts) at the time of these instructions.    

  • Alignment--if you turn this on, the text will stretch from margin to margin.  This may result in extra space between some words or letters.

  • Theme--pre-built text and background colors to choose from--we like Paved Planet. 

  • Color blocks -- tap the color box to change to whatever colors you want for text, background, highlighting, and links.  Like to read in the dark?  Try red text on a black background!

Don't forget to SAVE if you've changed something! 



formatting settings for bluefire reader

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Check Out & Download a Book!

For more on logging in, searching, and using the website, see our page on the Freading Website & Tokens.

  1. Open your device's web browser. 
  2. Log in at the Kansas Library Card portal, then click on the Freading access link.   
  3. Search or browse for a book to check out.  
  4. When you have found a book that you want, click on it to open the book's detail page.  Below the book's cover art will be a Download link--click this.  click the download link to download
  5. Your browser will ask how it should open the book.  Different versions of the Android operating system will affect how this looks.  We have access to one old and one new device--this should give you a good idea of what to do. 

    Older Version of Android--Motorola Droid Smartphone

    This device only has the Freading Reader downloaded.  We tapped this, then selected the "Use by default" option so we would not have to answer the question in the future. 

    Newest Version of Android--Nexus 7 Tablet

    This device has both Freading and BlueFire Readers downloaded.  If you will always want to open your checked out books in your chosen reader app, select the name of the app and choose "Always."

    choose to open book in Freading new version of android - choose how to open book

  6. The reader app's home screen will open, and you will see:
    • Freading Reader-- "Pending" message until the book is fully downloaded to your device.
    • BlueFire Reader-- "Downloading" message until complete.  It will then ask if you wish to immediately begin reading or to read later.

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Reading a Book

Reopen your Freading or BlueFire Reader, if you have closed it. 

To open a book, simply tap the book in the reading list.

Turning Pages: tap the edges!  Tap on the right edge of the page, or swipe towards the left from the right edge to proceed through the book.  To back up, do the same action from the left edge.

Book Reading Options:

Freading Reader: tap your menu button. This pulls up:

  • Library (returns you to the app home screen)

  • Table of Contents

  • Font Size options

  • Rotation (lock or unlock as you prefer)

BlueFire Reader: tap the center of your screen.  This pulls up:

  • Library (returns you to the app home screen)

  • Contents

  • Bookmarks

  • Search

  • Settings (for more on settings, see the Overview section above)

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Delete a Book from the App

Freading Reader App:

  1. Go to the main screen of your Freading app.
  2. Tap and hold down on the book you are finished with.
  3. A "book options" screen will pop up--chose "Delete." 

BlueFire Reader App:

  1. Go to the main screen of your BlueFire app.
  2. Tap the pencil button in the upper right corner.
  3. A red X will pop up for every book you have checked out--tap the X for the book you are finished with.
  4. Tap the "okay" button in the upper right corner, where then pencil button was before, to exit deletion mode. 

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|     Last modified: Jul 02, 2013