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Freading Website & Tokens

On this page, we discuss the token system for borrowing books and using the Freading website (log in, your account information, how to browse for a book, how to re-check out a book). 

About Your Tokens

All books on Freading are always available.  There are no holds.  Checkouts are limited by assigning the same number of tokens to each library user per week, as the library pays Freading based on how many tokens are used (more on this below).

  • your account will be allotted 10 tokens per week.  When logged in, the number of tokens you have used is shown in the upper right side on the Freading website.   
  • unused tokens roll over for 4 weeks (based on when you first logged in to Freading), then your account is reset to zero, and a new 10 tokens are issued.
  • books "cost" different numbers of tokens (4, 2, or 1), usually based on the age of the book.   This is always shown on the cover of the book in the upper left corner. Each book is on loan for 14 days.
  • you may "spend" your tokens however you wish. 
  • ran out of time while reading a book?  Most renewals are free or cost one token (see website section below for how to do this).

New Book - 4 Tokens
(usually less than 6 months old)

Not New - 2 Tokens

Older Book - 1 Token

newest books on freading cost 4 tokens book no longer brand new is 2 tokens older book checks out for 1 token


How this works for the State Library, Freading, the Publishers.

Freading works on a different way than the other library ebook services.  This is more of a rental/subscription model.  How it works:

  • Each patron using the service is allotted 10 tokens per week.
  • The State Library pays Freading based on how many tokens are used (we don't pay for the tokens you do not use).    
  • Freading then pays the publishers based on how many times each of their books were borrowed by patrons of all libraries using Freading. 

Accessing Freading

To access the State Library of Kansas Freading account, you will have to log in at the Kansas Library Card portal. 

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in with:
    • Your Kansas Library Card number.  Note--this is different from your local public library card number.  Any school or public library can sign you up for a KSLC if you do not already have one.
    • Your birthdate, in MMDDYYYY format.  Example: April 15, 1982 should be entered as 04/15/1982. 
  3. This shows you a welcome screen, and lists all of the resources accessible through your Kansas Library Card.  TheFreading link is in the highlight box, in the center of the page.  Click this!

You will now be logged in to Freading.  If asked, accept the terms of service and continue. 

Overview of Your Account-Upper Right Corner

freading account options

Tokens Count--will show how many you have used.  In the screenshot above, we have used 2 of our 10 tokens for the week.

My Downloads--your checkout history, showing current and past books.  You may even recheck out books from this page. 

Wishlist--Freading allows libraries to limit the total number of tokens used by all people on the library's account, to make sure they do not go over their monthly budget.  If this happens, the user can add books to the Wishlist, so they may be downloaded when the library has added more funds or starts a new month.  At this time (January 2014), the State Library still has not found it necessary to set a monthly cap on total tokens.

Logout--you may use this (it will return you to the State Library homepage) or simply close your browser.

Browse, Search & Borrow a Book

Search: use the simple search box to find a book by author, title, or category.  If you are not sure what you really want, we recommend selecting "Category" and using a keyword related to books you like.  Paranormal romances have been popular ebooks--this shows us typing in "paranormal" and the system popped up sections we could select. 

search box

Browse: use the Top Downloads, New Arrivals, or Categories buttons to browse the Freading collection.  For purposes of examples, we have chosen Categories--which is subject browse.

  • scroll through the Categories until you find the one you want.  Click on this. 
  • you may browse through all books in the Category, or select a Sub-category at the bottom of the first page of books to further sort them.  Example: the Fiction Category will be one of the largest categories, and has many subcategories.

Borrow Books Again

Didn't finish your book before the 14 days ran out?  Most books can be checked out again for 0-1 token from your account history.  If you have checked out the book more than twice, this may cost the original number of tokens again.  

Here's how to do this:

Note: If you use your books on the computer with Adobe Digital Editions, please delete the expired book from your ADE first. 

  1. Go the the Freading website and log in, if you have not already.
  2. In the upper right side there should be a link to "My Downloads."  Click this. 
  3. A list of your current and previously downloaded books should pull up.  Click on the title of the book you wish to re-check out from this list.
  4. When the book's details page pulls up, you will have the "Download" button below the cover of the book, as with a regular checkout.  Click this to download the book as usual.  Depending on the age of the book, this re-check may cost you 1 token. 

Image of a book that is being re-checked--did not cost us any tokens. 

this re-checked book cost 0 tokens to use again

|     Last modified: Dec 27, 2013