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OneClickdigital FAQ answers & help files


Library Settings Information

  • 10 checkouts at a time.
  • up to 21 day checkout per book (select any checkout period from 1-21 days, the book returns when your checkout is over).
  • early return of any book (please return a book when you are done with it). 
  • renew a book (if no one else is waiting on it).   
  • place up to 10 books on hold at a time.
  • holds that come available check out automatically (you will get an email to notify you of this). 

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What is the Media Manager?

Media Manager is the company's software that you add to your computer.  It allows you to download, play, and transfer books to your supported device.  Media Manager takes care of all audiobooks format issues, so you do not have to worry about only checking out a format that would be compatible with your device. To learn how to operate Media Manager, see our informational pages for the Windows version or the Mac version. 

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What computers / devices are compatible?

Media Manager for Windows:

Media Manager for Mac:

  • OS 10.6.6 or later
  • can only transfer to Apple portable devices (iPods, iPad, iPhone). 

Mobile Apps:

  • iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone
  • Android smartphones & tablets with the Google Play Store.
  • Kindle Fire - newest Kindle Fires, with operating system Mojito 3.0, are not compatible.  OneClick is working on an update to the app to address this. Email to be notified when this is ready.

Other Options:

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How can I use this service if my computer or device is not compatible?

Please use the Manual Download option.  This will have you download a zipped (compressed) file of the audiobook to your computer.  You will then extract (uncompress) the files so you may put them on your device or play them on your computer.  The instructions page has downloadable documents for the best way to do manual download depending on your device and computer.

Optional: OneClickdigital also allows computer users to play audiobooks directly in the internet browser, if you are on a computer that does not allow you to install software or download files directly.  Click here to learn more.

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How do I search for an audiobook to check out right now?

  1. Go to the OneClickdigital website and log in.
  2. Go to Advanced Search.
  3. Scroll down - the last selection on the right side is Available for Checkout.  Choose Available for this option.
  4. Click the search button.  A large list of results will return. From here, you may browse all of the books or sort them to narrow the results.  We like to:
    • Use the Search Selection column at right to pick a genre (like Mystery)
    • Use the Sort by box at the top of the results and select Release Date.  This puts the newest available books first.

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Do books expire on my MP3 player?

The Protected format audiobooks have higher security, and when transferred to your device take a due-date with them.  The files will not play after the checkout period is over.  Not-Protected format books will usually not do this. Please do not return your audiobooks in the Media Manager (or on the website) until you have finished using them. 

If your player is giving you an expiration notice on a book you still have checked out, take note of where you are in the book, delete the files from your MP3 player, then retransfer the book to the device.  The fresh copy should be fine!

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What is the difference between Holds and Wishlist on the OneClick website?

Holds are the books you actually are on the waiting list for.  Wishlist is just an area that will save books for 90 days.  You might use the Wishlist if your holds queue was full, or if while browsing the site you found several books that you were maybe interested in checking out or putting on hold.  You could save them in your Wishlist and make a final decision when you are finished browsing.  Some people use the Wishlist to save the other books in a series they are reading. 

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How am I notified that it is my turn for a book I have on hold?

You should receive an email at the address listed on your account.  The OneClick system will check the book out to you automatically.  If you get a holds-available email, check your account (on your Media Manager, mobile app, or on the website) and the book should be in your checked-out items list. 

If you did not receive an email, but the book is checked out to your account, please:

  • Add these email addresses to your email's contact list or safe senders.  The system uses these two accounts to send holds emails: 


  • Check your account and make sure your email address is correctly set: 

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I do not see the newest books by my favorite author.  He/she is usually on the bestseller lists, why isn't the audiobook available?

Some publishers do not allow libraries to purchase digital copies of their books.  One audiobooks publisher in particular, Brilliance Audio, publishes many popular authors (like Nora Roberts).  While we do own some Brilliance books, this is from before.  We are unable to even purchase extra copies of those books if the holds list gets long.

The State Library has started to highlight the ebooks side of this problem on the Big 6 facebook page.

If you do not think this applies to the particular book you are seeking, please use the Digital Book Request Form.  Maybe we just missed it!  If it turns out to be a book we cannot get, we will let you know.  

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I found a book that doesn't work (other books working normally in the software or app).

Please send this information to

  • Title
  • Author
  • Where you were attempting to use the book (like Wlindows computer, or mobile app on an iPhone).  Sometimes OneClick finds a glitch in book files that only shows up on one version of the software.
  • If you want to be notified when the book is fixed (some people do not).

Books can have corrupt files or be out of order on the server.  Depending on the publisher of the audiobook this may take some time to resolve.  Thank you for taking the time to report this. 

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Lost my Username, Password, or both.

You can attempt to reset your password yourself, or email us at  If you know your username, please provide it in the email.  Username is the easiest way for us to find your account.  To reset a password on your own:

  1. Go to:  and provide it with your email address. 
  2. OneClickdigital will send you an email.  This email will contain your username and a temporary password.
  3. Log in at with your username and the temporary password.
  4. Click "My Account," and scroll down to where you can update your password.  New passwords should be at least 7 characters and have both letters and numbers.  
  5. Be sure to save your changes! 

If using the OneClickdigital mobile app, we recommend restarting your device before attempting to log in with the new password. 

If using the OneClickdigital Media Manager for Windows, we recommend deleteing the saved login file before logging in:

  1. Close the Media Manager, if you have it open.
  2. On your computer, go into your Documents folder (Windows XP: this is My Documents).
  3. Open the Media folder (not "My Media").  This is where the Media Manager stores all of its files. 
  4. In this folder should be a file that starts with your OneClick username, and then is "State Library of Kansas."  The file type will be OCD.
  5. Delete this file--if there are multiple versions of this file, delete them all.

Please let us know if you need any assistance.

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How do I change my password (or update other account information)?

  1. Go to and log in with your username and current password.  
  2. Click on My Account.
  3. Your Profile will be shown.  Scroll down until you can see the information you wish to update. If changing your password, new passwords should be at least 7 characters and have both letters and numbers.
  4. Be sure to save your changes! 

Please note that the only profile item you cannot change is your username. 

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Cannot remember if I already registered for OneClickdigital.

We will help check for an account.  Please provide at least your full name and email address, though your Kansas Library Card number would also be helpful.  We will search the list of patron accounts.

Alternately, if you know which email account you would have used, you can try the "Forgot Username, Password, or both" above.  If you have an account linked to that email address, you will receive the "Reset Password" email from the OneClick system. It will provide you with your username and a temporary password. 

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I accidentally registered twice! 

Email the State Library at  Please provide your name, the usernames of the accounts (if you know both), or at the very least the email addresses associated with the accounts, and tell us which one you want to keep!  We will find the account you do not want and inactivate it, so it does not get in your way in the future.

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I can log in on the website but not in the software.

Sometimes the app saves an old login.  Here's what to do:

Windows Media Manager:

  1. Close the Media Manager, if you have it open.
  2. On your computer, go into your Documents folder (Windows XP: this is My Documents).
  3. Open the Media folder (not "My Media").  This is where the Media Manager stores all of its files. 
  4. In this folder should be a file that starts with your OneClick username, and then is "State Library of Kansas."  The file type will be OCD.
  5. Delete this file--if there are multiple versions of this file, delete them all.

Android Mobile App:
You can either do a full restart of the device, or:

  1. Go into your device's Settings.
  2. Go to Applications (depending on your version of Android, you may also have to go into Manage Applications).
  3. Choose the OneClickdigital app.  May be called OCD in the list. 
  4. Inside the app, tap the Clear App Data button.  This should delete any saved login information.  You may wish to also Force Close the app and restart your device. 

Apple Mobile App: Restart the Device: 

  1. Hold down on the power button (top, right edge) until the device asks if you want to power off.
  2. Swipe the red "power off" slider message to confirm.
  3. Allow the device to be off for a minute or two before turning it back on.

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      Can log in to the Media Manager, but not the OneClick website.

      Your internet browser is likely saving an old password.  You need to clear your browser's temporary internet files (also known as the cache).  This page shows how to find where to do this for several different types of browsers.

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      Lost my app store login, so I can't download the OneClick app.

      Please see your app store's help:

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      When I try to log in to the app, it says I do not belong to any libraries. 

      The app's "set location" step was skipped or did not save correctly.  Here's what to do:

      Android - clear your app data:

      1. Go into your device's Settings.
      2. Go to Manage Applications (note-depending on your version of Android, you may have to go into Applications first to find this).
      3. Choose the OneClickdigital app.  May be called OCD in the list. 
      4. Inside the app, tap the Clear App Data button.  You may wish to also Force Close the app and restart your device.
      5. When you restart the app, it should ask for your region.  Select "North America."

      Apple - update app choices:

      1. Go into "Settings."
      2. At the bottom of the settings list, OneClick should be listed.  Tap this. 
      3. Region should be the only thing you can edit.  Update this to "North America."

      Kindle Fire - clear the app data.

      1. Tap the gear in the upper right hand corner of the screen to access the Settings (New HD models -- swipe from top to see this menu)
      2. Tap "More" on the drop down menu
      3. Tap "Applications"
      4. Change "Filter by" to "Third Party Applications" from the drop down arrow
      5. Tap the "OneClickdigital" icon
      6. Tap "Clear Data"
      7. Re-open the OneClick app.  You should be prompted to choose a region, select "North America."

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        My app is frozen or blank (I do have books checked out).

        Android - clear the app data

        1. Go into your device's Settings.
        2. Go to Manage Applications (note-depending on your version of Android, you may have to go into Applications first to find this).
        3. Choose the OneClickdigital app.  May be called OCD in the list. 
        4. Inside the app, tap the Clear App Data button.  You may wish to also Force Close the app and restart your device.

        Apple - two possibilities. 

        Reinstall App & Restart Device

        1. Go to your device's home screen. 
        2. Hold down on the OneClickdigital app until it begins to "wiggle." 
        3. There should be a black X on the upper left corner of the app.  Tap this to delete the app.
        4. Restart the device by holding down the power button until it asks to power off, then confirming this.  Turn device back on after a minute or two.
        5. Reinstall the app from your App Store.  Please see the OneClick Apple App instructions for assistance if necessary. 

        Bad Book File Situation!
        When the Apple app encounters a book with a file problem, it may go blank as soon as this book is checked out.  If you've already tried the solution above, please send the names of the books you have checked out to  We will test them if posible, or have the company look into each one.

        When the book with the bad file is returned, the other books will show in the app again.

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          I left my connection zone (wifi or 3/4G) and the book stopped playing.

          This could happen for a couple of reasons:

          1. You were logged out of the app somehow (or had to restart your device) and lost the current login.  Unfortunately, if you are logged out, you cannot access your book again until the internet connection is re-established.
          2. Book was not fully downloaded before you left the connection zone.  The instructions pages for both versions of the app show how to be sure of this. Visit the Apple or Android page.

          If you travel a lot and encounter many areas where you lose connection, the mobile app may not be your best option for listening to audiobooks.  You may be happier with loading books on a compatible MP3 player (like the iPod Shuffle or the Sansa Clip) or using the manual download process to put your audiobook files directly on the tablet/phone.  Please realize that manual download only allows you to use one format of audiobook.

          Note: iPhones and iPads with an iOS version older than 7 can be transferred to with the Media Manager (both Windows and Mac) software, as if they were iPods.    

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          Auto-bookmarking not consistent--app does not always save my place.

          This is a known issue on both versions of the app, but does not seem to happen to all users.  OneClick is aware of it and has been attempting to solve this for some time.  You can set your own bookmarks, and that is what we recommend.

          Setting a Bookmark:

          1. Book must be open, but does not have to be actively playing.  Look at the playback controls area for your book (where the play/pause, stop, skip buttons are).
          2. Tap the button that looks like a plus sign.  This sets your bookmark. You must tap this every time you want to set one. 

          Retrieving Your Bookmark:

          1. Tap the book's play button on the My Titles screen.
          2. Tap the button that looks like an open book in the upper right corner.
          3. This screen will list any bookmark previously set.  Choose the most recent, and the book will skip ahead to that spot.

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          How do I set my preferences for OneClickdigital?

          How and where you do this varies by your technological situation. Choose the page that is best for you, and go to the Recommended Settings note.

          Mobile app users--it is not necessary for you to set special preferences on the website or in the app. 

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          Windows Error Message: no space on device or device not properly connected. 

          Usually, this error is because your computer has not received the a required Digital Rights Management update.  Your computer needs this upgrade to play protected format files (like a lot of audiobooks).

          Please close your OneClickdigital Media Manager, then do these steps:

              1. Click on this sample audio file:
              2. Click Open -  Windows Media Player will open and want to play the file.  It will notice that your DRM is out of date.
              3. Click Upgrade when prompted.  This will process.  When it is finished, you should be able to play the file.
                Recently, we have noticed that the update screen does not always come up, but the message that it is updating rights flashes in the Windows Media Player window instead.  If you do not see the upgrade box, reopen Media Manager and attempt to "Play" the problem book to check it.

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              Media Manager is:

              • suddenly working incorrectly.  
                • Windows users: I have already checked my preferences and that I was updated on DRM components (2 help notes above this) first. 
                • Mac users: there is a current glitch with one format of audiobook in the software.  See this note on the Mac instructions page for full information. 
              • blank in the Checkout tab, despite having books checked out (I can view these under My Collections on my web account).

              • asking me to install an upgrade over and over, or an upgrade prompt continually fails. 

              Under these circumstances, the best thing to do is uninstall Media Manager and reinstall it. Something has gone wrong with the software. 

              Windows Uninstall Instructions:

              1. Go to your Start Menu.
              2. Select the Control Panel.
              3. Find "Programs"
              4. Select "Uninstall a Program."  The list that comes up may take a minute to pull up. (Windows XP users--this may be called "Add or Remove Programs") 
              5. Find "OneClickdigital Media Manager" in the list.  Click on it once. 
              6. Click "Uninstall" or "Remove" (depending on your version of Windows, this could be above the list of programs, or a part of the program's information line).
              7. Follow any prompts your computer gives you to uninstall the program. 
              8. Check for any leftover files and folders from OneClick: 
                • Look in "Documents/My Documents" then "Media."  (Not "My Media"--this is a different folder).  Delete this folder, it is where OneClick stores the files downloaded for books, etc. 
                • Go to "Computer/My Computer," click on your "C Drive" then "Programs/My Programs" (Windows Vista or 7 users-if you have a "Program Files (x86)" use this).  If there is a "OneClickdigital" and/or "Recorded Books" folder please delete these.

              Mac Uninstall Instructions:

              1. Open "Finder."
              2. Select "Applications."
              3. Find "OneClickdigital" in the list of applications.
              4. Drag this application to the trash.

              Reinstall Media Manager: download the newest version of Media Manager here.


              Windows 8 Specific Errors

              There are a few things we have noticed with Windows 8! 

              Please make sure you do not need up update your DRM -- this is common even on new computers!  See this help note for the process.

              File Association Issue

              The new Windows 8 music app interferes with OneClickdigital's Media Manager, as it wants to be the default program to use all WMA & MP3 files.  You will need to set the default program for audio files back to the original Windows Media Player, since it will allow the audiobooks program to use the files.

              1. Go to your Control Panel.
                One way to do this: from the desktop, open the right side panel and click on "settings."
              2. Go to Programs.
              3. Under Default Programs, choose "Make a file type always open in a specific program."
              4. A long list of file types will open.
              5. Do this process for both the .MP3 and .WMA file types: 
                • Click on the name of the file type.  
                • Click "Change program..."
                • Select "Windows Media Player"
                • Click OK to finish.

              MP3 Player Issue (not iPods)-- It worked fine with OneClick before, but I can't transfer since I updated to Windows 8.

              You need to delete the folder that the Media Manager creates on your device.  For some reason, the folder created by an older Windows version cannot be transferred into with Windows 8.  If you use different versions of Windows computers, you may need to delete this folder pretty regularly.

              1. Connect your MP3 player to the computer.
              2. Access the storage on the device (may need to go to Computer -> name of device).
              3. Inside the storage will be a folder called eAudiobooks -- delete this.  If there is more than one, delete them all. 
              4. Try to transfer again.

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              Windows to Apple Device Transfer Error: transfer has timed out, gives a "port sleep" error message. 

              This is an error often seen with older iPods.  To stop this from happening:

              1. In Media Manager, click on "Preferences."
              2. Turn the "Transfer Wait Time Modifier" up to 60 (will have been on a default of 7). 
              3. Click "Update" to save the preferences. 

              If you think that 60 slows the transfer down too much, you may wish to experiment with the transfer wait time setting, to find the point where your system will transfer without timeout.

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              Apple Device Transfer Error: manually manage music setting needed.

              This is necessary on both Mac and Windows computers. 

              In order for Media Manager to transfer properly to your iPod/iPad/iPhone, the "manually manage music and videos" setting must be on for your device.  Media Manager will prompt you to turn this setting on if this needs to be done.  Here's how to accomplish this:

              1. With iTunes open, plug in your Apple device.
              2. Click on your device's name  (usually in the upper right side).
              3. Device summary should now be seen.  Scroll down to "Options."
              4. Click the box in front of "manually manage music and videos" to turn this option on.

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              ON THE DEVICE HELP

              Book is out of order on the device when I play it.

              1. Please check that the Shuffle option is OFF on your player.  Where this is varies by player, but most commonly under "Settings" in the main menu.
              2. See if you can play the book properly from a different location on your player.  For example, if you went into "Music->All Songs" to play the book, find it in a different location.  Another place is an unknown folder under "Albums" on some players.  
              3. If neither of the above, please report this to the State Library.  We would like to know the title of the book, the device you have, and the operating system of your computer (Windows 7, Vista, XP).  There could be a number of things wrong (the book files could even be out of order on the OneClick server), we will ask OneClick for assistance.

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              Device: when I try to play the book, the player says it is expired, no longer have rights to it, or that I need to sync my device to continue the subscription.

              Reasons this may have happened:

              1. The checkout period of the book is over or you have returned the book on your account.  Books transfer to your player with a time stamp included.  They will not play past the checkout time.  This also applies to any book you returned early.  Do not return a book on your account until you are finished with it.  If you return the book early then reconnect your device to the computer, the time stamp will be updated on that book on your device.  You will no longer have the rights to play it.   
              2. Renewal situation--if you renewed the book in your Media Manager, but had transfered the book to your device before the renewal, delete the book from your MP3 player and transfer a fresh copy.  The new copy will have the updated due date.  NOTE: check where you are on the book before you do this!

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              Device: how to delete a book from the player when finished.

              Non-Apple Devices

              1. Plug your device into the computer.
              2. When the AutoPlay dialog box comes up, choose "Open device to view files."  If the AutoPlay box does not appear, go to Start-->My Computer, and click on the device.
              3. Click into the storage on your device, and into the folder on the device where the audiobook is stored (on many devices this folder is called eAudiobooks).  Delete the folder for the book.

              Apple Devices

              1. Plug your device into the computer.
              2. Open iTunes.
              3. Select your device (upper right side) and select "On this iPod" (or whichever device you have).
              4. You will need to clear the book files under: 
                • Music -- the actual chapters of the book. 
                • Playlists -- the now empty playlist that was created for the book.  It will have the book's title. 

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                Device Error Message: does not support playback of protected media/music/files. 

                If your device is fully compatible, the preferences in your Media Manager just need updated.  Go to the OneClickdigital for Windows instructions page and see the Getting Started section for the proper settings. These vary based on your device.

                If your device is not fully compatible with Media Manager, you may not use Protected format audiobooks on it.  See the compatibility notes to learn how to only check out the Not-Protected format of audiobooks. 

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