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OneClick Mac

Media Manager software for Mac allows you to download a book, play it on your computer, and transfer to a supported device.

Compatible with:

  • OS X 10.6.6 or later
  • Transfer to Apple devices only (iPod, iPad, iPhone).  

Current Known Issues with Mac software:

  • Some users can only get the software to use one format of book.  Notes about this error
  • Cannot transfer to iPads/iPhones that are updated to iOS7.  Use the Apple mobile app on these devices for now. 

Written Instructions: read from top to bottom or choose a section link to jump ahead.

Getting Started

To use OneClickdigital, you must (a) register for an account, (b) update your settings, and (c) install the software to your computer. 

A. Register for an Account with Your Kansas Library Card

Kansas Library Cards provide access to any statewide online library service.  These are separate from your local library card, but you can get one at any public, school, or academic library.  More detailed registration instructions and links to alternate login pages for some libraries are found here.

  1. Go to and log in with your Kansas Library Card. 
  2. Click the OneClickdigital Audiobooks Registration link in the brown box.
  3. You are now at the Create an Account screen.  You have proved to the company that you are a Kansas resident. 
  4. Fill out the form.  Some notes: 
    • Username:  is the only permanent field.  Pick something that you like and that is easy to type.  Do no use spaces in your username.
    • Passwords: need to be at least 7 characters long and contain both letters and numbers.
    • Zip Code: please provide a 5-digit zip for statistical purposes. 
  5. Click the Create Account button only once, and wait a moment.  When this is complete, "Welcome [Your Name]" will appear in the upper right corner. 

B. Update your Settings

Settings on the Website
If you have closed the OneClick website after registering for an account, go back and log in:

  1. Click on My Account then choose the Preferences tab.
    oneclick where to set your preferences
  2. Under eAudio Preferences:
    • Audio Device Type = Apple Device.  Mac Media Manager cannot transfer to a non-Apple MP3 players.
    • Audio Download Method = Use OneClickdigital Media Manager or Mobile App.
    • Automatically download/resume = your choice. We prefer No. This will make sure your book is only downloading when you want it to, and it is unlikely to download multiple times.
  3. Click the Update Preferences button to save. 
    **Ignore any settings for eBooks preferences.  We only have audiobooks on OneClickdigital.**

Setting in iTunes
Only necessary if you want to transfer a book to an iPod or other Apple device.  If you intend to only listen to the books directly on your computer, you do not need to do this.

  1. With iTunes open, plug in your Apple device.
  2. Click on your device's name (usually in upper right corner).
  3. Device Summary should now be seen. Scroll down to Options.
  4. Click the box in front of manually manage music and videos to turn this option on.

C. Install OneClick Media Manager Software

  1. Open the App Store from your dock.
  2. Search for "oneclickdigital." This will bring up the OneClickdigital Media Manager. The icon for the software looks like this:
    oneclickdigital icon in mac store
  3. Choose to install, and follow all prompts from your computer to finish installation. 
  4. When installation is complete, open the software and log in with your username and password. Notes:
    • If asked to set a region, choose North America to proceed. 
    • Turn on the Remember Password box if you do not want to type in your username/password every time.
    • The Media Manager will be blank if you have not checked out any books yet.

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Checking Out a Book

On OneClickdigital, you will always use the website to check out books and place holds, then use the books in your Media Manager.  Changes to your account are synced between the website and Media Manager software. 

  1. Go to the OneClick website.  Two ways to reach it:
  2. Once on the site, log in if you have not already. 
  3. Search or browse for a book to check out.  When you have found a book, click on its cover.
  4. This shows the book's details.  Use the Checkout Now button. 
  5. If your browser asks what it should do with a file, click Cancel. 
  6. Open the Media Manager.  If your new checkouts do not show yet, click the Refresh button:
    mac refresh button

You are now ready to play the book on your computer or transfer it to a device.

Search & Browse Tips

We often use a bit of all three of these tips to find a book.  Availability, a certain genre of book, and then sort by for the newest titles! 

Simple Available Now Book Search

  1. Choose "Advanced Search."
  2. The last box on the right is "Available for Checkout."  Choose "Available."
  3. Click "Search." 
  4. Only books that are available right now will be shown.  Use other tips below to sort them further if necessary. 

Sort By for Results

Each results list, regardless of how you started (browse or search) will have a Sort By box, with these options:
Sort by selection box

We commonly like to do the "Available Now" search shown above, then sort by Release Date.  This puts the newest books available first. 

Search Selection Column

All results lists will also have a Search Selection column on the right side of the book results. Use it to narrow a broad search or browse:

  • Available books, if you did not start with an availability search.
  • Books by Genre, like mystery, romance, or juvenile fiction.
    search selection column allows you to limit your search

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Play Book on Computer

  1. Open your Media Manager software, and log in if you have not already.
  2. The Checked Out section will show each book on your account.  Each book has its own control buttons. 
    checked out book with all control buttons shown
  3. Click Play Title.  Messages will flash quickly through the center status area, showing that the book is loading.
  4. The book will begin playing after a couple of chapters have loaded.  The rest of the chapters will finish downloading as you listen (you do not need to do anything for this).
  5. Use the buttons in the gray playback bar to pause, stop, or resume the book when necessary.
    playback bar, showing control buttons and book status

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Transfer a Book

  1. Open your Media Manager software and connect your device to the computer, if you have not already.
  2. The Checked Out section will show each book on your account.  Each book has its own control buttons. 
    checked out book with all control buttons shown
  3. Click Download/Transfer for the book you wish to send to the device.  A white box with green progress bars will appear.
    • files must be downloaded to the computer, then sent to the device, so you will see the progress bar go across the screen twice (though the transfer portion is rather fast).
    • wait to receive the message that the download is complete!  
  4. Disconnect the device from the computer when the download is complete.

On the Device: audiobooks transfer as a playlist.  Go into Music->Playlists to listen to the book.

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    Other Options

    Many frequently asked questions about this service can be found on our Help & FAQ page.

    Return a Book Early

    The maximum checkout period is 21 days, but most also do not need the book that long.  Early returns are appreciated!  There are two ways to return a book early:

    • Media Manager's Return Now button.
    • on the OneClick website, go to My Collections for a similar return button.

    Only click the button once, and wait for the Media Manager or website to process this change.  Clicking multiple times may return other books on your account accidentally!

    Renew a Book

    There are also two ways to renew a book:

    • Media Manager's Renew button.
    • on the OneClick website, go to My Collections for the renew button.

    The renew button will be unclickable or missing if the book is not eligible for renewal.  You may not renew a book if someone else is waiting on hold for it. 


    When all digital copies of an audiobook are checked out, you may place it on hold.

    Viewing & Managing Holds

    You can view your holds list through the Holds button in the Media Manager, but we prefer to look at our holds through the OneClick website.  It shows more information.

    • on the OneClick website, go to My Collections.
    • click the Holds tab.

    From here, you can view the status of your holds and remove any hold you no longer want.  This area includes how many copies of the book are owned by the library.  A hold with 8 copies of a book is a much shorter wait than if we only owned one copy.

    example of a book on hold

    Your Turn for a Book

    When your hold becomes available, the system will automatically check it out to you and send you an email that it is ready.  If you need to update the email address on your account, visit My Account on the OneClick website.

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    Questions or Need Help?

    Email the State Library's Statewide Services desk at, or call toll-free during regular business hours: 800-432-3919. Please mention that you are using OneClick audiobooks, we handle other statewide services (ebooks and databases).  We can:

    • answer general questions,
    • help with problems (lost password, error messages)
    • teach you one-on-one about OneClickdigital, including helping you set up.  We have software that allows us to connect our computer with yours, we can even do the setup for you if you would prefer.

    For the most common questions and problems, see the Help & FAQ section.

    Current Known Issue - software not using one format of book.

    Media Manager is supposed to make it so you do not have to worry what format of book you check out, but the Mac Media Manager is currently failing to use the easier format of audiobook -- the Not Protected / MP3 format books!  The format of audiobook that is usually more difficult to manage (Protected / WMA format) is working normally.

    If you want to be notified when this glitch is resolved, email and we'll put you on the notification list.

    So - here's your choices until the fix goes through:

    Only check out Protected / WMA format books, which are working with the software.

    The ability to limit by type is available for any search or browse.  After searching, look to the Search Selection column on the right side.  Under Digital Rights select Protected.  This will show only books in this format.  

    You can also set format from Advanced Search:

    1. Go to Advanced Search.
    2. Scroll down to the last two boxes on the right side:
      • Digital Rights - select Protected
      • Available to Checkout - select Available.
    3. Click search - your results will have only Protected format books in it from the start.  Sort or further limit your results (like by choosing a genre) if you wish.

    Use your Protected books in Media Manager and Not Protected manually.

    Book files for Not Protected / MP3 format books can be downloaded directly to your Mac, as these do not contain extra security (you must have Media Manager for the other format). 

    • Manual download instructions includes transfer to an iPod.
    • Manual download entails updating your preferences.  This is on the instructions sheet.  Doing so will not interfere with your Media Manager's ability to use Protected files, you will just need to "cancel" if your browser asks to download the Protected format (WMA) files.
    • Your Not Protected format checkouts will still show in Media Manager when it syncs, even if you have the files downloaded to your computer.

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      |     Last modified: Feb 12, 2014