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OneClick News & Updates

4/16/14 - OneClick app update for Kindle Fires

The app is now updated for use with the newest Kindle Fires (mostly the HDX models using operating system Mojito 3.0).  The app may be downloaded from your Amazon app store as normal.

3/21/14 - OneClick app patch for iOS 7.1 released

We have installed this update on our iPad and it is now working normally. To update your app:

  • Go to the App Store on your device.
  • Choose "Updates"
  • Install the update for OneClickdigital.

It would be good to restart your device after installing the update.  To do so, hold down on the power button until your device asks if it should power down.  Confirm this.  Allow the device to be off for a minute or so before turning it back on.

3/10/14-iPhones & iPads with iOS 7.1

OneClick notified us this afternoon that the mobile app is not working properly after a device updates to iOS 7.1.  They have started working on the problem.  For us, the app will allow us to log in and view our checkouts, but crashes when we attempt to play a book. 

No other versions of iOS or other versions of the software are affected.  This is only an issue caused by something in the iOS 7.1 update.

2/22/14-network errors, unable to download

Noticing today that while we can log in, check out new books, place holds, etc, we cannot download them through the Media Manager or mobile apps.  We've sent an email to our regional company representative, because OneClick Support is not in the office over the weekend. 

Mobile apps will either say they are downloading the book and do nothing, or give messages of "network erorr" or "unable to download chapters.

Media Manager will not play or download/transfer, giving error of "No disk space" (despite all settings being correct, etc).

We were able to manually download book files to our computer.  If you want to check out only Not-Protected format books, you will be able to do this AND transfer them to a device.  Protected format books can only be used from a Windows computer.

2/18/14 - OneClick back in offices, system stable

OneClick is back in the office today, and reports that the system is stable now.  We have been able to log in and use the system sucessfully this morning.

If you are still experiencing errors, please let us know.

2/17/14 - Ongoing errors

OneClick was still unstable over the weekend, and their offices are closed today due to the holiday.  This morning the State Library has been able to get into our test account but are still receiving reports from other users.

This weekend, we were able to log in from time to time, but usually the connection was not stable enough to allow for the download of a book.  If you are experiencing this type of problem, you may see error messages of:

  • Network connection lost / network error.
  • Chapter cannot be loaded / failed to load.
  • Message that the book is loading (but it never does).
  • No disc space or device not connected (under normal circumstances, this would be a security update or preferences set incorrectly error).

2/13/14 - OneClick closed due to weather, sporadic login errors

This afternoon we are experiencing sporadic issues.  Sometimes we can log in to the website, software, and mobile apps; then be unable to log in a few minutes later.  Messages include:

  • username/password incorrect
  • patron does not exist

OneClickdigital's offices are closed due to severe weather (they are located in Maryland).  At this time, we do not know if this problem is from power brown-outs due to the weather, or if there is an unrelated issue (with no staff available to notice and resolve it).   During this time, if you:

  • cannot log in, please be patient and try again later. 
  •  are experiencing a non-login error, please see our Help & FAQ page for the solutions for common problems, or contact us at for assistance.

We will call OneClick again in the morning.  If they are still out of the office we will update this page.

UPDATE 2/14, 9AM -- we are unable to get a hold of OneClick by phone, but there was not a "closed for weather" message as there was yesterday.  We will wait and try again later. 

2/3/14 - server errors over weekend.

OneClick had sporadic server errors over the weekend again.  If you attempted to use OneClick during one of the down-times, you would not have been able to log in at all.  OneClick has resolved whatever the problem was by 8am this morning.

If you did not attempt to reset your password, then your username & password will now work.

If you did attempt to reset your password during a down time, then your account must be reset by either the State Library or OneClick Support in the administrative panel.  Please email as at with your username so we can assist you.

1/21/14 - server errors fully resolved as of 8:50 a.m.

OneClick technical support confirmed this morning that all server errors are now over.  This persisted over the weekend sporadically.

If you can log in to your account, then everything should be fine for your usage now.  If you cannot log in to your account, please email us at with your username so we can help reset your account.

1/17/14 - starting about 8:30am--Server errors this morning.

This morning OneClickdigital audiobooks is experiencing a variety of odd errors.  They are working on the problem, and are going to let the State Library know as soon as it is fixed (and we will update this post).

The problem includes sporadic errors with:

  • Logging in to the software, mobile apps, or website - if it says your username & password are wrong, do not try to reset these.  You'll be able to log in again when it is over.
  • Can log in, but your checkouts/holds are missing, and you may have a 500 error when you access some screens.
  • Checkout and Hold button missing from book records!

If you have already attempted to reset your password, trying to do this during the server error probably locked your account.  Email us with your username at and we will help you sort this out when the problem is over.


Thinking of buying a new device this holiday season?  Visit our Devices & Compatibility page for notes on what devices are compatible with statewide digital books services, and points to consider if the purchase is a gift. 


Manual download fixed

At this time, we do not have any other notices of items that are not working in the system.

If you recive any odd error messages, or cannot reset your password if you have forgotten your login information, please let us know.


Manual download down, Auto-Login fixed

As of today, the auto-login problem has been resolved.  However, the manual download process is currently not working. If you use the Media Manager software or the mobile apps you will not be affected.

Patrons using the manual download process have their preferences set to download the book files directly to their computer.  This is normally done because their device or computer is not compatible with the software or mobile app.  Currently, the OneClick website is not allowing the file to be downloaded at all when the "download now" or checkout buttons are clicked.  We have reported this to OneClick but do not have an estimated time it will be resolved.

The Play in Browser option is working.  This will allow you to play books on your computer through the website, but you cannot download the files and put them on a device. 


Known Issue: Auto-Login to Website

  • From OneClick Media Manager on a computer -- Windows computers have a "Browse Website" link that takes you to the website for checking out new books. 
  • From Mobile App -- the "Browse More Titles" or "Browse Titles" feature -- this normally opens the OneClick site inside your app, so you can check out new books.

Normally, both of these ways also logs you in to the site, so you do not have to log in.  This is the part that is broken.  The site opens, but you are not logged in.

You may continue to use the "Browse Titles" and "Browse Website" feature, but you must log in directly on the site until this is fixed.  After accessing the site, you will click "Login" in the upper right corner, then input your username & password.  You will then be able to check out new books.

OneClick estimates that it will take them about a week to resolve this issue.  When it is resolved, you will see "Welcome (your name)" in the upper right side instead of the login button.

Click for a video explanation.  This is shown from a computer.  The spot to login is the same for the mobile app, after you tap the "Browse Titles" feature.

Resently Resolved Problems:

  • State Library staff can reset passwords again.  If you are locked out of your account, please send us your email address and username. 
  • App Status -- back to normal with exception of auto-login problem discussed above.



As of today, known issues for post-maintenance on the website and the mobile apps.  All problems have been reported to OneClick Support by the State Library and are being worked on.

Mobile Apps

  • Uninstall/Reinstall -- necessary if you have not already done so. What to look for when reinstalling from your app store:
    • app named simply "OneClickdigital"   NOT "OneClickdigital eReader is the correct one.  The other option has a blue border, and is for a portion of the OneClick service we do not have.
    • Apple app is dated September 9 in the App Store.
    • Android app is dated September 10 in the Play Store.
  • App Status
    • Android version -- with reinstall on Monday, no glitches continue.
    • Apple version -- with reinstall, books will download and play.  Browse More Titles feature inconsistent and may cause the app to crash.  If yours is not working, please visit the OneClick site directly in your browser to check out new books and place holds until this is resolved:

Website/My Account

  • My Account Section -- unable to update preferences & make other account changes.  When you attempt to change any of your account information (including your password) or update any settings under My Account, you will receive an "unable to load page" or some other error message. 
  • Reset Password Form -- not working.  The regular Forgot Password email form and the State Library's reset password feature (through our administrative account) are not working.  We will have to get OneClick Support to reset your password manually.    Here's where to email and what they will need:


OneClick service is primarily restored as of yesterday morning. If you are using a mobile app you will need to uninstall and download a copy of the new eAudio app from your app store. You may still experience sporadic issues on both the website and the mobile apps, the company is currently working to resolve these. 


OneClick Maintenance & Updates Sept. 10-11

OneClick is going to take the service down to complete the updates that did not go through on the previous maintenance window.  This will occur Tuesday, Sept. 10 starting at 4am Central and end by Thursday, Sept. 12 at 7am Central.   Like last time, if you would like access to your books during this time, you will have to download them outside of OneClick Media Manager or your mobile app.  These connect to the OneClick servers and will be unavailable.  We have re-posted the instructions from last time below.


Some changes have been made but were mostly invisible to you.  OneClick has just added more capacity to their servers (to speed up downloads) and rebuilt the holds system in preparation for the other upgrades.  Your OneClick Media Manager and mobile apps will remain the same.

When the service comes back on Thursday, you may notice small changes to the website.  Defunct settings areas under "My Account" will be removed (you have likely never used these). Some search options related to ebooks will seen.  One of the upgrades during this time period is to allow OneClick to offer ebooks in addition to audiobooks.  We do not have any ebooks on OneClick at this time, but the settings will be there for if/when we do.   Buttons / searches you normally use should be unchanged. 


During this time you will not be able to:

  • Use your audiobooks through OneClick Media Manager or the mobile apps for Apple & Android.  You will not be able to even log in to the software or apps.
  • Access our OneClick website at all.  If you go to the website during this weekend, you will get a "down for maintenance" message. 

Your holds and any current checkouts will still be on your account after the maintenance window is over.  Unfortunately, OneClick cannot extend our checkout periods to compensate for this. 

If you would like to use your books over this weekend, you must have them downloaded outside of the OneClick software or mobile apps before the outage starts.  

Here is what you would need to do depending on how you normally use OneClick:

State Library Help:

You may also contact OneClickdigital's Support team for this same assistance at: 877-772-8346.  They are open 7:30am-6pm.




OneClick service seems to be fully restored as of this morning.  The company ran more fixes last night (around 7pm) that have corrected the problems.   Thank you for all of your patience during this time, and for letting us know when you noticed specific connection issues on the apps and software.  

If you are still having trouble connecting:

  • smartphone & tablet users -- please try restarting your device first.
  • email us at to report problems. 




As of 4 p.m. on August 28, OneClick access is still sporadic.  Sometimes we can log in almost normally to our Media Manager and use a book, but it may not work just a few minutes later.  Mobile app connections will not stay connected at all. 

Since the computer access will work sometimes, that is your best bet for getting your book.  Especially if you can get the book downloaded out of the software that is in contact with the OneClick servers.  Once it is downloaded separately, you have it.  These are the same directions as prior to the maintenance window:

  • Transfer to a standard MP3 Player or iPod from your computer:  your process remains the same.  Once the book is on your device it is no longer bothered by the server issues. 

  • iPhone/iPad/iPad touch, using the mobile app: transfer your books from a computer to the device, like it was a regular iPod.  Click here for a document that will teach you how to do this.

  • Android smartphone or tablet using the mobile app: manually download the book to your computer.  Only Not Protected format audiobooks can be transferred to an Android device in this way  Click here to learn how to do this.

  • Listen directly from your computer (you do not put the audiobook on an mp3 player or other device): you will need to manually download the book to the desktop of the computer. 


OneClickdigital took their entire service down over the weekend to perform system upgrades.  These upgrades failed.  They began resetting the system to the way it was on Friday.

Our Kansas OneClick site was back up and running by at least 6:30 a.m. (Monday, August 26), but we then began noticing a number of issues later in the morning.  Login to the software or mobile apps takes an extremely long time (as much as 5 minutes).  Sometimes we have trouble getting a book to download/transfer and other times it works nearly normally.    




OneClickdigital Outage August 24-25

OneClickdigital, the host of our statewide audiobooks service, will be completely down the weekend of August 24 while they perform system upgrades.  This outage will start Saturday, August 24 at 5:00 a.m. Central Time and end by Monday, August 26 at 7:00 a.m.

During this time you will not be able to:

  • Use your audiobooks through OneClick Media Manager or the mobile apps for Apple & Android.  You will not be able to even log in to the software or apps.
  • Access our OneClick website at all.  If you go to the website during this weekend, you will get a "down for maintenance" message. 

Your holds and any current checkouts will still be on your account after the maintenance window is over. 

If you would like to use your books over this weekend, you must have them downloaded outside of the OneClick software or mobile apps before the outage starts.  

Here is what you would need to do depending on how you normally use OneClick:

If you would like assistance in setting any of this up, or have any questions, the State Library staff can assist you.  We even have software that allows us to send you a link and connect to your computer, so we could show you how to do this on your own computer.   We are only here 8am-5pm, but can meet outside of this time if an appointment is set up.

You may also contact OneClickdigital's Support team for this same assistance at: 877-772-8346.  They are open 7:30am-6pm.



Requesting a Book

Previously, there was a "Recommend a Title" feature on your OneClickdigital account.  The way that the library can view these recommendations does not include your contact information.  We would like to be able to tell you when your requested book is ordered, or if the book you want is not available to purchase. So, we've taken down the recommendations form available on your OneClick account, and have created a form on our own website.  A link to it--Request a Book--will always be on the OneClickdigital landing page.  We have added a link to the form on the 3M Cloud Library page also.

Reasons a book may be unavailable for purchase:

  • the publisher does not sell digital copies to libraries.
  • the book does not have a digital audiobook version, or it is considered out of print by the publisher.
  • the publisher is small and does not sell through outlets like Recorded Books, OneClickdigital's parent company. 

Sometimes this also applies to extra digital copies.  We do have a few books that we ordered one or two copies of, and then the publisher decided to no longer sell to libraries.  We cannot buy more copies of those books, unfortunately.


The Android app is now accessible to Kindle Fires. Please search your Amazon Appstore for "oneclickdigital" to install this! 
For instructions on how to use this app, please see the Mobile App for Android page.  Text here will be updated to include the Kindle soon.


Android App Released

The first version of the Android mobile app is out. A patch has already been released to deal with a bug for smartphone users (the app would not stop playing when you receive a phone call). If you were helping with testing phase prior to official release, please update your app. This is now the commonly reported bug:

  • Automatic bookmarking works inconsistently--app is supposed to save your place. Try manually setting bookmarks for now.

Please see the Android Mobile Instructions for more information.


General News
No new updates or features have been rolled out since our last message to you (see below). Work continues on many projects at OneClickdigital.  OneClick's technical team expects to have the Android mobile app complete by the end of summer. If you are interested in being on the email notification list for the Android mobile app, please email us at  We will let you know when it is ready.  

Windows Media Manager--little error messages
Getting a variety of small annoying error messages?  Book will play on the computer earlier in the day but suddenly not later?  You may need to do a clean install of Media Manager.  Quick instructions on doing this:

  1. Uninstall OneClickdigital Media Manager from the Control Panel->Programs->Uninstall a Program.
  2. Clear out any files Media Manager has downloaded to your computer in Documents->Media.
  3. Go into your Program Files.  If a OneClickdigital and/or  Recorded Books folder is still in the Program Files, delete these folders.
  4. Reinstall Media Manager from the OneClickdigital website



General News

  • OneClick released a required update to the Windows Media Manager on June 1. We are now on version If you missed this update, please close your Media Manager, then go to this page on OneClick and run the installation. As you already have the software installed, it will only force the update to apply. 
  • The Apple mobile app received a small stability update on May 30. Apple mobile app users should now be on version 1.1.  Not familar with the mobile app?  See our notes on the mobile app. 

Overall Technical Progress

  • Adding more fully compatible devices-this did not get finished in time for the June 1 scheduled update.  For Windows Vista & 7 users, you should be able to transfer to devices that are not yet on a compatibility list if you check out books with less security.  Notes on this. 
  •  Android Mobile app-in development for summer.

Still In Progress

  • Book indexing-now applying the subject headings commonly used in bookstores to all titles.  Using a standard subject type across the library will allow them to properly sort the books. You will notice that many books are misfiled by genre or target audience. 
  • Missing book summaries-have found fewer of these over time, but there are still some.

Transfer of Previously Owned Progress
Figures sent from the transfer team on May 31.

  • Complete: 3077 titles (includes a  batch of titles where all file work is complete, but have not moved on to our account yet).
  • Final steps: 151 titles (getting final data from originating publisher, fixing encyptions, etc)
  • Securing files/Researching: 653 titles

OneClick is currently working on finalizing contracts to add Books in Motion, Time Warner, and Zondervan. Titles from these publishers are included in the "securing files/researching" figure.

Purchasing & Holds

Funds were secured to work on the high holds lists on popular items.  Realize that some audiobooks are $100+ a digital copy.  Here is what we are trying to do:

  • highest holds--if a title has more than about 60 people on it, it is almost impossible to afford purchasing enough copies to take care of this list.  The State Librarian is trying to work out a deal with publishers to temporarily lease enough copies to take care of the holds problem on these.  
  • more "regular" holds lists--regular purchasing is being used to take care of other holds wait lists.  We have managed to get many down to a ratio of around 5 people per copy of book, and still have a little more work to do on this. Remember to look at the OneClick website and go to My Collections->Holds to see your place in line.  If you look at your holds list and it says "you are 30 in line (library owns 6 copies)," you are actually 5th in line for a copy. 


A required upgrade has been released for Windows Media Manager. When you open your Media Manager, the "checking for updates" box should show a button for "required upgrade"  Click this, and follow the steps to run and install the upgrade.

win media manager required update

After installation, you should be at version Further notes:
1. Some users may need to reset their preferences after running the upgrade. Notes on setting preferences.
2. If the Media Manager fails to load the upgrade (no upgrade button or it gives error message) here is what to do:
     a. Close your Media Manager
     b. Go to: Player.aspx 
     c. Click the OneClickdigital Media Manager Windows download button-since you already have Media Manager installed, this will now only force an update instead.

The State Library has installed the update and downloaded a book with no issues.  More will be posted about the features of this upgrade early next week, when we have had more time to look and test.

Apple App--a small stability upgrade was released this week.  Upgrade to version 1.1 by going to your App Store and checking the Updates section.  Have not heard of the mobile app?  Here is the notes page on it!


OneClick technical support reports that Media Manager is having trouble with all types of Creative Zen MP3 players. This may only apply to DRM not-protected books (mp3 format) for some users.  They are working to resolve this problem. 

OneClick has also been releasing multiple versions of the Media Manager. The recent changes have only been cosmetic, and auto-updating of the Media Manager has been turned off. You will only have one of newest versions if you have recently reinstalled Media Manager from the OneClick website. If you are looking at OneClick documentation and you have a newer version than the one shown, that is the reason! **Again, all recent changes are cosmetic and you do not need to upgrade your Media Manager at this time.**


Device not on the compatible list for Windows Media Manager yet?  Have Windows Vista or Windows 7?  OneClick has found a "half-way" point for transferring some books to previously non-compatible players. You should be able to transfer any book that is DRM Not Protected.  At the State Library we have verified this by using Media Manager to transfer to our Nook Color. 

Video: Find a DRM Not Protected Book


The below update covers progress on solved technical issues, upcoming enhancements, and the progress on the transfer of previously owned materials. Please send any questions to

Technical Progress-Issues Solved and New Releases!

  • Search Only Available-fixed 4/5/12! Now, if you go to the Advanced Search on OneClickdigital, you will see that there is an "Available for Checkout" option. This defaults to "Available" but you can switch it to "All" to see a full list of results. Upon testing, if you search with just the Available to Checkout field (no author, titles, etc.) you will indeed see everything that is available right now. This includes regularly owned titles as well as our subscriptions.
  • Apple Mobile App Debuts-4/6/12! iPad/iPhone/iPod users, please search your App Store for "oneclickdigital" and you will find the mobile app. Please realize this is a first functional beta version of the app. Discovery of books via the app is uncomfortable (you may wish to check out books using your computer) but the download of the book and playback is very good. Upgrades will come soon. State Library will put out a tutorial on the Apple App as soon as we can. 
  • Home Screen Refresh-verified fixed this week. The books on our OneClick home screen are supposed to be automatically refreshing every time we purchase a book or OneClick technicians finish the transfer of a book to our account. This had not been working properly, but is now resolved. The 50 newest purchased/transferred books now appear on our "Newly Added" page without the need for manual resets.
  • Media Manager Upgrade-released 4/5/12. This upgrade will help make Windows Media Manager more streamlined in terms of setting preferences. The patron should not have to set a large number of preferences in order to be successful with a download/transfer after this upgrade. Mac Media Manager was built later, so this is already a part of the currently released version.

Many of the tutorials created for OneClickdigital will be affected by these upgrades, so we will be redoing these again shortly.

Upcoming Enhancements

  • Mobile App for Android is in development, no exact release date given, but it is expected by summer.
  • Issues with searching/browsing are related to missing descriptions and incorrect genre/target audience identification. The missing descriptions are a technical problem, where the descriptions do not link properly for some reason. A global fix for the genre/target audience problems has been in the works for some time. OneClick is not speculating on a date.
  • Windows Media Manager Transfer Upgrades-compatibility with a wider range of devices is expected soon. Basically, there are two transfer types for MP3 players. Media Manager currently works best with one type (MTP) but will soon work with both (MSC is the other type). Many older players and Creative Zens are the MSC type.

Transfer Progress of Previously Owned Materials
Please note this refers to titles, not total copies owned. We have multiple copies of many titles.

Transfer Complete: 2978 titles
Final Stage of Process (encryption being fixed, final data): 497 titles
Awaiting Files from Other Publishers (includes a couple publishers finalizing agreements with OneClickdigital): 792 titles

OneClick has been unsuccessful dealing with some publishers that have signed the transfer permission form. The State Library now has a list of these publishers and the titles involved, and will be looking into this.


Media Manager for Mac is now available.  You may download it from the OneClick website or from your App Store.  Just search for "oneclickdigital."  The download is of course free.  We have added a quick video to the tutorials section on using the Mac Media Manager for now.  We will post more  

OneClickdigital made a lot of positive progress this week! Another point they accomplished is to add more servers.  This is helping address the slowness problem many people were having while trying to browse the website.   


Today OneClick released an upgrade to Media Manager.  You should now be on Version 50 (version numbers are shown in the lower right corner of Media Manager, inside the black border).  What's special about this upgrade?  All of the upgrades up to now have been "patches" to address a specific problem.  One technical team was working on patching problems as they arose.  Another team was working on a fresh version of Media Manager, where all of the new needed options were incorporated.  There are no new preferences to set in Version 50 versus Version 49 (to learn how to fully set your preferences see this video).  What has happened with Version 50: we are experiencing significantly faster download and transfer times.  Today we have tested three books, and these downloaded and transferred in less than 5 minutes each. 

OneClick also debuted new devices on the compatibility list. iPads & iPhones are now listed as compatible.  We were able to get a book to transfer to the iPad without any problems.  It transferred into our Music area and played just right.  We did not have any luck with an iPhone, but if you are an iPhone user please give it a shot!  To view the full list of devices currrently compatible with Media Manager see here

Other news:

  • if any of your books today turned up with a 300+ day checkout period, please just make sure to return that book when you are done with it.  This was caused by a computer glitch today. 
  • any errors with the "always available" list of books should be fixed now.  If you were waiting to use one that was malfunctioning, please check now.



Last week (1/31/12) OneClick released an upgrade to Media Manager.  You should now be on Version 49 (version number is shown in the lower right corner of Media Manager in the black border).  This upgrade fixed an error some iPod users were experiencing.  There is now a new preference to set in Media Manager.  To set this preference:

  1. Open Media Manager and sign in.
  2. Click the "Preferences" menu.
  3. Select "Global."
  4. One of the last preferences on the page is now "Allow iTunes/Apple Device Detection."
    a. iPod users - select "Yes"
    b. non-iPod users - select "No" (if you do not do this and have iTunes on your computer, iTunes will pop up constantly while using Media Manager.)
    c. if you use both types of devices, switch this preference back and forth depending on which device you are currently using for best results.

02/03/2012  Update

As you know, the new audiobooks company is experiencing a number of errors.  They have also not transferred all of our books from the old service yet, and this has resulted in our collection of books still being small.  So that you can start checking out books again, they have loaded 200 "always available" books to our library at no charge for the next 2 months.  This will give them more time to move our books over without penalizing you.  The list of these books are attached below as an spreadsheet.

List of Always Available Books--REMOVED 6/12/12--while we do thave a subscription to many of these books for a year, the list somewhat changed.  You can now search for all available books in the advanced search as well.

You will be able to look up the books by title and author, and as many people can check these out at a time as want to.

We will be posting regular updates from the company here.  Expect to hear more about errors, updates, and other information soon.

|     Last modified: Apr 16, 2014