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OneClick-Play from Browser

OneClickdigital allows computer users to play books directly from your internet browser without the need to download the Media Manager software to your computer. Please realize this feature cannot send book files to your MP3 player!  Media Manager or one of the mobile apps are required to get a book to a portable device. 

Compatibility with these internet browsers has been tested.  Please realize that this feature requires Adobe Flash. Always update your Flash player when prompted. 

  • Windows computers--Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome
  • Mac computers--Safari, Firefox, Chrome
  • Chromebooks--Chrome.   Listen-in-browser is the only method compatible with this computers.

Why might you use this feature instead of the Media Manager software?

  • currently using a computer that you are not allowed to download software to, or do not want to download the software to (at work, staying with a friend, etc). 
  • computer is older and unable to use Media Manager, and all you want to do is play from the computer anyway (if you want to put books on an MP3 player and cannot use Media Manager, please use the manual download process).

Notes on this feature:

  • website cannot save your place in the book, you will need to keep track of what chapter you are on.
  • currently cannot automatically play the next chapter in the book, the next chapter must be clicked on to proceed!

How to Play the Book in Browser

These instructions assume you have already created an account and checked out a book. 

  1. Go to the OneClick site and log in.
  2. Click on "My Collections."  This area shows your current checkouts, holds, etc.
    oneclickdigital my collections button
  3. Under Checkouts, click on the title of the book you want to listen to. 
    my checked out items section, click book title to continue
  4. This pulls up the details on that book.  Click the "Chapters" section at the bottom of the audiobook description.
    choose the chapters button
  5. This will show a list of the book chapters.  Click the small music note button at the front of the first part to begin.  NOTE: many books have Chapter 1 or a prologue split into two sections.  This is a special function in the system for mobile devices (app can begin playing the partial chapter 1 while it finishes downloading the rest of the book).  You will need to listen to both in the order shown in the list. 
    chapters listing.  Click the music note in front of first track.
  6. The file processes and begins to play.  Note that the currently playing file has turned red, and you may use the pause button on the control bar above the chapters.
    playback of a chapter
  7. When you have completed the first file, click the next music note icon to continue.  If you need to leave this page and continue listening to your book later, please make note of your position in the book.  The website cannot bookmark for you. 

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    |     Last modified: Feb 18, 2014