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      School Librarians: please note that our subscription is the public library subscription, and not meant for curriculum support.

Promotional & Training Materials


Stastics for 2014--Excel Document.  Overall stats for OneClickdigital, 3M Cloud Library, Freading, Enki, and TumbleBooks.  Each has their own sheet in the excel document, please use the tabs at the bottom to select a platform.  Updated around the beginning of each month.

Past Years Statistics (PDF)

OneClickdigital - Individual Stats by Zip Code

OneClick patrons are asked to input a zip code on their accounts, so statistics based on zip are possible.  The sheets below are sorted numerically by zip.  You may have multiple lines, as some patrons are inputting zip + 4.  The +4 was removed so the sheet would sort properly.  If you are near the state border and issue library cards to patrons across the state line, please check for these adjacent zip codes and add them to your total.  We have deleted any lines with non-zip information or other issues (some patrons have put a street address or 12345 in this field).   

Circulation by Zip

Patrons Totals by Zip - Total Patron Accounts by Zip as of 12/31/13

Purchasing for Consortium

Most regional library systems can accept contributions and order digital books for the consortium. Details and procedures will vary by system. The State Library will receive contributions from libraries without a system option.  Contact your regional library system or the State Library for more information.

If your library is interested in helping purchase directly (select materials and be billed directly or sign up for a standing order plan), please contact Lianne Flax.

Digital Books Purchasing Links (for current purchasers)

Archive-Past Updates for Librarians

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