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Continuing Education

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Grants, Stats and Information

KS Public Library Statistics
AWE Early Literacy Station Grant
E-Rate Information and Resources
Disaster Preparation and Recovery
Library Services and Technology Act
Library Organizations
Mailing Lists for Librarians
KS Regional Library Systems
KS Govt Docs- Depository Libraries
State Library Staff
***L. Frank Baum- May 2014 Celebration
***Financial Literacy Month- April 2014
***Gaming in Libraries Grant- 2014

United for Libraries

United for Libraries
Statewide group membership provided by the State Library of Kansas in partnership with the Friends of Kansas Libraries (FoKL) and the Kansas Library Trustee Association (KLTA).

Six Skills by Age 6

6 by 6

Technology Related Classes

Tech Treats

Library Development

Broadband Everywhere
ADA Compliance Checklist
Designing a Fine Library

National Initiatives

everyone on
Impact Survey
health insurance

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