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Technology Plans for E-rate

Kansas Libraries applying for E-Rate funds are no longer required to have an approved technology plan on file with the State Library, unless applying for Priority 2 services (Internal Connections / Basic Maintenance).

Certification of a technology plan is good for up to three years (though you may update a plan at any time). Following is a list of libraries whose plans are currently approved, and the time frame for their certifications.

If your library plans to include priority 2 services on an E-rate application, You must have a technology plan approved by the State Library prior to the start of the funding year (July 1). If your plan is new for the current application year, create and retain documentation to prove your plan was written (not approved) prior to filing form 470 for the current application year.

Email, mail or fax new or revised plans

(Keep a copy for your files!)

To: Jeff Hixon
State Library of Kansas
300 SW Tenth Avenue-Rm 343N
Topeka, KS 66612-1593

Fax: 785.268.7291

|     Last modified: Apr 23, 2012