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Kansas Library Card FAQ

Kansas Library Card Frequently Asked Questions

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About the Card

What is the Kansas Library Card (KSLC)?

The Kansas Library Card is your entry to statewide online library resources, including high quality information and research databases.  Use it to:

1. access the listing of databases -- please realize that many people can now access the database list without the need to log in.  Please try accessing through this page. 

2. register for resources that require a personal account to function (such as Kansas EZ Library audiobooks or ebooks, Learning Express Library)

What can be accessed with a KSLC?

  • Research databases and learning modules.  For the current state-wide subscriptions, see the Databases List page. 
  • Login and use the 3M Cloud Library (digital ebooks).
  • Register for OneClickdigital (audiobooks).

How do I get a Kansas Library Card?

 Request a card at your local public or school library. Many libraries and schools in Kansas participate in the Kansas Library Card program. The library or school may require some proof of your Kansas residency. The staff will use a computer to enter your full name and date of birth into the Kansas Library Card database. They will write  your new card number on the front of a Kansas Library Card, and the date of issuance on the back of the card.

Who can get a Kansas Library Card?

Any resident of Kansas can apply for a Kansas Library Card. Participating libraries and schools may require some proof of residency before issuing the card.

Is there an age limit for the Kansas Library Card?

No, the card is available to all Kansas residents. However, very young Kansans will need a parent or guardian to request a card on their behalf.  Please realize that online digital resources will be of little use to young residents who have not learned to read or type.

I reside outside of Kansas - can I still get a card?

No. The Kansas Library Card is available to Kansas residents only.

How much of the information available with the Kansas Library Card is useful to non-English language readers?

Learning Express Library contains these sections in Spanish: Recursos para Hispanobablantes (GED prep, writing, math), U.S. Citizenship prep.  

Mango Languages is not just for English speakers to learn other languages, but for the learning of English as well.

The EBSCO research databases list contains:

    • two databases that only search Latin American journals.  These are Fuente Academica and MedicLatina
    • ability to translate the search interface into 29 languages by use of the Languages option in the main menu, found on the upper right side of any database (circled in red). ebsco main menu languages option
    • translation of articles into 29 languages.  This only applies to articles with full text available, look for the translate drop-down box on the article's page.  This shows a translation in progress by the system, from English to Spanish.

ebsco databases translate article option


Using the Card

How does the Kansas Library Card Work?

The card comes with a Kansas Library Card number written on the front. This number, together with the cardholder's date of birth, allows the cardholder to login to the Kansas Library Card system ( using any computer with Internet access.

Birthdates must be entered in the MMDDYYYY format for a successful login.  For example, if the birthdate is July 3, 1980, it would need to be entered as 07031980 or 07/03/1980.  Slashes are always optional.

Will my use of the Kansas Library Card be monitored?

Your name, date of birth, and Kansas Library Card number are the only personal information kept on the Kansas Library Card computer.

Privacy statement: "Activity data incurred by use of the Kansas Library Card for remote access to online databases is collected. Such data is collected to determine the usefulness of the card. Personal information will be kept confidential to the extent of the law."

Where do I login to access the databases?

After obtaining a KSLC number, you can login at  Remember, birthdates must be entered in the MMDDYYYY format for a successful login.  For example, if the birthdate is July 3, 1980, it would need to be entered as 07031980 or 07/03/1980.  Slashes are always optional.

How do I use the KSLC with state-wide audiobooks or ebooks?

Visit the Kansas EZ Library page for instructions on registering for the audiobooks service or logging in to the ebooks service with the KSLC.

Can I use the Kansas Library Card to check out books, magazines, tapes, videos, CDs, DVDs, or other library materials?

No, the Kansas Library Card is a tool to access digital information only. It cannot be used for borrowing physical materials of any kind.

Lost Card or Renew the Card

When does a Kansas Library Card expire?

Each card will automatically expire three years from the date it was issued.  Since the KSLC database does not contain contact information, the database cannot remind you of this expiration date.  If your expiration date is not recorded on the card, log in to the KSLC web site.  The date that the card was issued or last renewed will be posted at the top of the page after login. 

How do I renew my Kansas Library Card?

Simply go to your nearest participating library or school with your KSLC.  The staff will renew your account.

What do I do if my Kansas Library Card is lost or stolen?

Return to your nearest participating library or school to report it get a replacement card. 

I've lost my Kansas Library Card number - who should I contact?

Contact your local library; or email with your full name and birthdate (we will need this to search the database for your record).


I receive an error message when attempting to login.  What should I do?

1. Make sure that your card is still valid, and you have entered the correct login information. 

Contact your local library to verify that your account is valid, and to double-check your login information.  Please note that KSLCs expire after 3 years. If your card has expired past the point that the library can renew it, a new card can be issued to you.

2. Clear your browser's temporary internet files.

Your internet browser may be saving old login information.  Please visit our Clearing Your Temporary Internet Files page to learn how to find this option for most types of browsers. 

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