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Mango Languages Mobile

Mango has an Android and Apple mobile app. Over 40 language programs (and English for Speakers of Other Languages) are available on Mango. Most languages have a Basic (simple conversational instruction) and a Complete (advanced study) course level available.

Here is how to set this up:

  1. Access Mango through the State Library's Explore Our Resources page or the Kansas Library Card.
  2. Choose to "Create a Profile" on the Mango introductory page. This will send you an email, and you will need to access your email to confirm your account.
  3. Download the app at the Mango Mobile page, or search for Mango Languages in your Google Play or Apple App store. 
  4. Sign in with the account information you just created!
  5. Tap on "Courses" to find the language you want, and select the first lesson.  The next time you return to the app, your lessons will be saved under the "Current Lessons" area.

mango mobile app first screen

If you have previously used Mango Mobile through a local public library's account, we are looking into how the addition of the statewide subscription will affect your access.

EBSCO Mobile App

EBSCO is the company that hosts most of the statewide research databases.  Their mobile app is easy to access. 

  1. Go into any standard EBSCO research database, like MasterFile Premier. Scroll down to the footer of the databases's page to find the link for the mobile access request.ebsco mobile access link
  2. A box will pop up--input the email address that you use on the mobile device.  ebsco mobile enter your email address
  3. EBSCO will send you an email. This email will provide instructions on downloading the app, and contain an activation key that you will use after downloading the app. Follow all instructions! You should not need to activate your app again.
  4. Open the EBSCO app. As you can see from this screenshot, it is pretty straightforward. All EBSCO databases (including EBSCO eBooks) will be searched from the app. ebsco mobile app main page
  5. Want to narrow your focus? Tap the "Settings" button for the app and make sure only the databases you are interested in are marked to search.

Encyclopedia Britannica

No mobile app.  Site searches and operates well on a mobile device.  iOS devices will be unable to use features that include multimedia, as many of these use Flash.


No mobile app.

Most ebooks, tests, and learning modules will display well on a mobile device.  Learning modules that contain video components (sections on Job & Career Accelerator and the computer program tutorials) require Flash and will not play on an iOS device.

ProQuest Resources

No mobile app.

Heritage Quest--searchable by mobile device, but census images are too small on a mobile device to be easily read.

Nursing & Allied Health Source--searchable by mobile device.  Full text displays well. Some articles are available in full text as a PDF, so be sure to have a PDF reader app for best results.  Mobile devices may be unable to download and play the videos available here.

|     Last modified: Aug 23, 2012