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What's Available


Book titles circulated as part of the Kansas Talking Book Service are comparable to those available at most public libraries. Each title has been recorded in its entirety, including author notes and footnotes on digital cartridges or 15/16 cassette tapes.

The Kansas Talking Book collection (more than 60,000 titles) contains a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction titles for adults and children, including best-sellers, mysteries, romance, biographies, Christian fiction, science fiction, poetry, humor, westerns, and suspense.

A complete searchable list of available titles in Kansas is available at The KLAS system allows registered users the ease of searching, determining availability, and reserving the materials they want to read.

Registered patrons also receive a list of recent releases, called Talking Book Topics, and genre catalogs to aid in their selection. Patrons may request items found in these resources or titles recommended in newsletters simply by going on-line using KLAS in Kansas, calling, or e-mailing their local sub-regional library.

If requested, the local outreach library staff will automatically select titles by genre, author, or series. Each outreach library also provides Readers Advisory Service that will be happy to provide suggestions.

Books are sent from and returned to the library as "FREE MATTER FOR THE BLIND OR PHYSICALLY HANDICAPPED."


Over 70 free magazines are offered, including such popular titles as Reader's Digest, Good Housekeeping, Jack and Jill, Money, Sports Illustrated, and U.S. News and World Report. We also offer magazines of regional interest, including Capper's and Midwest Living. This link will take you to the complete list and order form of magazines. A select number of magazines are also available for download from BARD at Locally produced magazines, such as AARP News, Birds & Blooms, Grit, Country Woman, Guidepost, Midwest Living, Reminisce, Smithsonian, Yankee, and many others are now available in digital format.

A list of available magazines in Brailled fromat can be found at Braille users may contact Utah State Library to request magazines.


In order to play a talking book, NLS provides free machine players to all patrons. Most patrons are choosing to go with the DS1, Standard Digital Player, and the DA1, which is the Advanced Digital Player. Please click on the following link to find pictures and a description of the digital players: Digital players have the added benefit of being able to play downloadable talking books from BARD.

The older cassette machines are also still available, and are a great option for those wishing to subscribe to magazines or have access to any book in the collection, not just those that have been converted to digital format. The C1 features 5 large, color coded keys for operation (play, rewind, fast forward, stop, and eject), side selector, volume, and speed switches. The E1 machine, specially designed for those who have limited physical mobility with only two operation keys, is also available in limited quantities.


Descriptive videos are movies and television programs enhanced with narration that describes the actions, settings, gestures, and other key visual elements. Titles range from the Nova Series to Disney Movies, and also include new releases such as Harry Potter and A Beautiful Mind. This link will bring up a current list of available DVS titles in Microsoft Word formats. To update your request list print the available order form and mail to the Regional Library in Emporia.


Although Talking Books does not provide newspapers on cassette, these are available through partner services. Selected national and many state papers are available through Kansas Audio Reader Network, a free radio and telephone reading service. To learn more about the radio or telephone service or to register call 1-800-772-8898. More than 250 newspapers are also available through state funded access of NFB's NEWSLINE service. To subscribe to the service contact the regional library or self register by clicking here.


Braille books are provided through the Utah State Library. Braille patrons may contact the Utah State Library by calling toll free 1-800-662-5540 or visit their online catalog.


Textbooks are not available through the National Library Service. For information about recorded textbooks visit Learning Ally's website or call toll-free 1-800-221-4792.

Braille Embossing Services

Talking Books provides Braille embossing services for State agencies and patrons. State agencies may request up to 100 single-sided, embossed pages per year at no charge. Additional pages are $.10.

Patrons may request up to 25 single-sided embossed pages per year at no charge. Additional pages may be provided at $.10 per page after that.

For larger projects, please contact Talking Books at 1-800-362-0699 for a list of additional resources.

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